Andrew York - GRAMMY-winning Composer and Guitarist
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Shippable sales are suspended for the time being. Digital items still good to go! Visit Sheet Music Downloads page.

Equations and Home CD

CD sales

Andrew York CD Home Andrew York CD Equations of Beauty Andrew York CD Yamour Andrew York CD Denouement
Equations of Beauty $7.99
Home $7.99
Yamour (double CD) $19.99
Denouement        out of print
Centerpeace $14.99 Andrew York CD Centerpeace Andrew York CD Hauser Sessions Andrew York CD Into Dark Andrew York CD Perfect Sky
Hauser Sessions $14.99
Into Dark        out of print
Perfect Sky        out of print


LP sales

Andrew York CD EOB/Home
Equations of Beauty / Home    (single LP) $24.99
Limited audiophile pressing, heavy 180 gram vinyl disc, single album. Side A - "The Equations of Beauty"  Side B - "Home"

Collector's Edition - Equations of Beauty / Home LP, numbered series 1 to 100     $39.99

Andrew York CD Yamour
Yamour (double LP) $24.99
Limited audiophile pressing, heavy 180 gram vinyl discs, double album.

SPECIAL PRICE - Both Yamour and Equations of Beauty / Home LPs $34.99


Sheet Music Downloads

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Andrew York Sheet Music Downloads

Sheet Music
* 9 x 12 professionally printed
saddle-stitched booklets *
* Limited Collectors Edition series of 50 signed, numbered and embossed booklets $19.99 each *
4 in A in 4 $9.99 Collectors Edition
Woven Harmony $9.99 Collectors Edition Series complete.
Lament $9.99 Collectors Edition
Linus and Lucy $9.99 Collectors Edition Series complete.
Seven in Essence $9.99 Collectors Edition Series complete.

 Andrew York Sheet Music 4 in A in 4    Andrew York Sheet Music Woven Harmony   Andrew York Sheet Music Lament   Andrew York Sheet Music Linus and Lucy
 Andrew York Sheet Music Seven in Essence    Andrew York Sheet Music Letting Go   Andrew York Sheet Music Kinderlight   Andrew York Sheet Music Just How Funky Are You


Individual tracks are available for purchase
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Andrew York mp3 Yamour Andrew York mp3 Centerpeace Andrew York mp3 Hauser Sessions Andrew York mp3 Hauser Sessions

24bit FLAC files

FLAC files for "Yamour" are available only from Majian Music. FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec. These files are encoded at 24bit 96k, the same as the original studio master, offering uparalled audiophile quality. Owning 24bit FLAC files is like owning the Master recording itself!
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Andrew York FLAC Yamour

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