Andrew York - GRAMMY-winning Composer and Guitarist
Tampere, Finland 2013

Sitting in the plane preparing for the long flight from L.A. to Finland, looking out the window from my seat. After sixteen hours of travel, I arrived in Helsinki and then was driven up to Tampere in the northern part of Finland. Walking from my hotel, I see the interesting sign "Beef 'n Guitar". The restaurant is helping advertise the Tampere Guitar Festival.

Summer in Finland, the sun doesn't set until midnight or so. By 2am, the sun was rising again, as I saw from my hotel window.

Tomi Tolvanen, the director of the festival in Tampere, is a wild and energetic cat. He and photographer Rudi Pohjaniemi took time to show me some beautiful areas in this unspoiled part of Finland. And, as always, here is the obligatory concert photo, with my patented wrinkled linen look.

Also at the festival was the fine guitarist Renato Serrano, and we got to spend much time together. There was also Flamenco and jazz artists featured. Here is shot of the cool venue during the gypsy swing concert.

Tallinn, Estonia 2013

Next stop, The city of Tallinn in Estonia, for the Tallinn Guitar Festival run by Tiit Peterson. Renato and I took the ferry from Helsinki and arrived at this very hip and charming town. Since it is light almost all night this time of year, the restaurants and bars are open and people are in the streets all night.

Loved this festival, with a great audience and lineup of artists.

After a night of experiencing Tallinn's endless nightlife, one of the first things I had to do the next morning was a TV interview for Estonian TV.

Very interesting drinks available at some of these bars . . .

After my concert, Tiit, Renato and I went out with Duo Dryades and partied until 2am or so. When we came out of the restaurant, the sun was already coming up, and in the street there I met two young Russian guys who could not believe I was from Los Angeles. They were very happy to take this picture, tilted a bit from excessive celebratory behavior.